The Mission

The United States Wrestling Foundation (the Foundation) is dedicated to the growth of amateur wrestling in the United States.  The Foundation will work closely with USA Wrestling (USAW) to provide financial and other resources to enable USAW athletes to have the best possible opportunities to win Olympic and World Medals in the three international disciplines:  Men’s Freestyle, Women’s Freestyle, and Greco-Roman.  The Foundation will also support other wrestling organizations which we believe are essential to the growth of the sport and our ability to be successful internationally.  In order to do so, the Foundation will provide support through the three stages of the lifecycle of an elite international athlete as follows:

  1.  The Foundation will support the senior teams in the three disciplines by providing supplementary resources to support the coaching, training, travel and other needs of the coaching staff to position our athletes to succeed at the highest level.
  2. A key to our future success in international competition is to identify our highest potential athletes at a younger age and provide a world class development program for them.  The National Talent Identification Program is designed to identify these athletes and provide opportunities for them to have the coaching, training, and competition opportunities that will facilitate their optimal development.
  3. A key to our ability to retain our best athletes for additional Olympic cycles is a professional mentoring program that will provide access to our athletes to successful professionals in the fields they are interested in entering when their competitive careers are over.  This program will enable our athletes to continue their competitive careers with the knowledge that they will have a clear path to a successful career when they are done wrestling.

The Foundation will also initiate communications programs with three goals in mind:

  1.  To reach out to and reengage with our former National Team members who have lost touch with the program.  We seek to educate them about developments with the current National Team and provide opportunities for them to get involved with the program and reconnect with each other.
  2. We also seek to engage with the broad base of wrestling fans and former wrestlers (the “Silent Army”) who would like to stay involved with the sport and support American wrestling.
  3. We also intend to educate the public, press, and educational leaders about the lifelong benefits of wrestling to ensure that existing wrestling programs at all levels are retained and new ones are created.  The stories of the countless former wrestlers who have gone on to great success in life will be used to demonstrate why young athletes should get involved and stay involved in wrestling, not only for the current competitive opportunities, but for the lifelong benefits it provides.

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